Whether you are a seasoned writer or writing your first children's book then this site is for you!

What is a contributor?

PoppyBoogers believes in YOU, you passionate publishers, authors, and illustrators whose mastery of quality children's picture stories are brought to life and made freely available to be read by millions of expecting children the world over.

Honestly, we couldn't do this without your contribution and for that, we are truly thankful. In return, we will offer you the best support we can offer. We will work tirelessly to get your book up and running on our site and offer as much opportunity to promote you and your book as is possible.

Can I advertsie on your site?

PoppyBoogers advocates for a commercial-free experience for the children that visit our site. We do not provide advertising space.1

How can I generate an income with my free eBook?

PoppyBoogers is a powerful tool enticing large audiences with our great range of FREE quality eBooks. Here are some tips of how to maximise your exposure and turn audiences into leads:

  • Listing one book of a series. - Retain the remaining books of a series to be purchase only.
  • Provide your social and external links - Ensure you connect your books to popular social and ecommerce websites to maximise your sales and alternatively ensure that you link back to your book on PoppyBoogers .
  • Monitor your audience behaviour - the rating and views system will provide you with instant feedback on the popularity of your book therefore allowing you to create targeted stories to meet your audience wants and desires. Subscribe to the Publisher subscription to get full analytical data.
  • Our site will not go camping. - Offline viewing is not what PoppyBoogers is about and which opens an opportunity for print or digital purchase of your book.
  • In page advertising - of other books or related products is permitted1. Though we advise putting those pages at the end of your book.

How much will it cost?

It is free to register and as a contributor it is free to add books. There are a range of free and paid packages & services for schools and contributors to access teacher resources, book drives and author readings.

Do you offer any publishing services for my book?

PoppyBoogers is not a publishing service but a powerful tool for you to reach audiences and promote your work.

However if you would like to transition your story into sales through eBook or print then our parent company Mixed Jungle can offer a number of services to help you on your publishing journey.

Where can I go for more help?

If you run into trouble or have more questions to ask then feel free to email us your thoughts on the contact page.

1. Excessive and Commercial Advertising contained in the contents of your book will be subject to our Terms of Service. However, if you wish to become a major sponsor of this site your business logo will appear in the footer.